Thursday, 16 February 2017

Finished and St Just.

So the saga of my cardigan finally comes to an end, it is finished except for buttons, thank goodness! I am off to spend a couple of days in Bath now so maybe I will find some lovely buttons there.

My book this week is called 500 Handmade Books and is a beautifully photographed catalogue of exactly what is says on the cover. I love books and have plans to bring some form of book making into my crafting life so this book is perfect for inspiration.

I found this book yesterday when I was right 'down west' almost at the end of Cornwall. The Misty Cottage daughter has a friend who lives in Penzance so we trekked off down to meet up with her friend in Marazion. Spectacular views there of course.

From Marazion I went on to St Just where there is the most wonderful place called the Makers' Emporium which is full of extremely high quality work, textiles, ceramics, hooking, silver, photography etc. The lady there was kind enough to allow me to take some photos to show you.

One of the wonderful things about this place is that it is always staffed by one of the makers. I have visited about four times now and each time there has been a different maker there and they have always been happy to talk about their work and extremely generous in describing their processes. One person even got her sketch book out to show me how she moves from her inspiration through to a finished piece. I have learnt so much from my conversations at the Makers' Emporium and I always come away brimming full of ideas and excited to come home and get on with bringing them into being.

As if that wasn't enough inducement to visit St Just, look what is right next door!

It is The Cook Book, a second hand bookshop cafe - the very place where I was luck enough to find this week's book.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

So Nearly Done!

The saga of the cardigan continues, body is done, sleeves are done, one shoulder seam is sewn so now I just have one shoulder seam to sew, the button band to knit and the sleeves to sew up and in. If I don't post it as a finished item next week please feel free to pour scorn in whatever form suits you best!

This week I am reading a very exciting book which has been lent to me by a lovely friend. It is called Yarn.i.tec.ture and is by Jillian Moreno. What a treat for anyone interested in spinning, it is well written, logically developed and with the most beautiful photos throughout. I am so chuffed to be able to have this book in my life for a little while!

In other news I have finished a needle felted commission. A lovely local lady bought a Mary and Joseph from me before Christmas to give to her daughter and son in law. Not long after Christmas her daughter had a baby and Mary and Joseph and the baby began to look like their family so she then asked me to make their other two daughters to complete the set. I love making these little people!

 Finally, I know that it is only the beginning of February but there are very definite signs of approaching spring here in Misty Cottage.

Apart from Lady Spring turning up in the Misty Cottage Crafts shop last week there are the pink tips of rhubarb shoots and one or two crocuses flowering to brighten the day.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Catching Up.

Having frogged almost an entire cardigan, I have been knitting like mad to catch up with myself. Consequently the back and two fronts are finished and I am about half way up the sleeves. I am knitting both sleeves at the same time so I can be sure that they will match. Luckily, after knitting it almost twice I do still love the yarn and the colours will match pretty much everything I own so it will get plenty of wear.

I am currently reading the January/February issue of Be Creative magazine which used to be called Workbox. In this issue I am particularly enjoying the work of textile artist Rachel Wright who is basically a painter with fabric and stitch, you can follow this link to find her amazing online portfolio

In other news I have been working on a new needle felted picture which I will blog about in more detail soon (well just as soon as the wind stops howling and the rain stops lashing down so I can get out to take a couple of photos). Here is a little preview of progress so far.

I will leave you with a reminder from the Misty Cottage garden that spring will arrive eventually.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Make Like a Frog.

Remember my last post? The one where I had nearly finished my new cardigan? Well I am here to tell you that after much measuring and discussion with my lovely mum (who has forgotten more about knitting than I will ever know) I frogged the whole thing! I still can't quite believe it. I only had a few rows of one front and the button band to do but I am reliably informed that I will feel much better about the whole thing once I have a cardigan that fits rather than swamps me. On the positive side though, at least this will now not be a white knuckle knit. For once I know for sure that I have definitely got enough yarn. And on another positive side - at least I can still be swamped by something - who knew!

I have also decided to knit the fronts and back as one this time and I think I have got about 3 or 4 inches to go before splitting for the armholes.

Here is a picture of my progress so far.

This week I have been reading The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I was in The Cook Book a beautiful second hand bookshop cafe in St Just, right down west almost at the end of Cornwall, looking for something to read over lunch the other day and I recognised the author's name. If you have read my blog before you will know that I usually have books in my ears and one of the series of novels I have really enjoyed listening to is the Sookie Stackhouse series. Well Aurora Teagarden is by the same author and I am enjoying reading the first mystery.

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ground to a Halt.

Are there any knitters on the planet who have not ever ground to a halt on a knitting project?

I began this cardigan by spinning the yarn, which I did in double quick time and felt very pleased about. I got stuck into the knitting and was enjoying it and everything seemed to be coming together in time for cardigan weather. Then, I don't know what happened, I got distracted, had to undo a little bit, put it down and ...

I can't believe that it is now December and I still have not got a new cardigan to wear! So today I have laid it out to try and see what it is I need to do next because, of course, I can't remember where I was up to. It is always so much more difficult to pick things up after a period of time, I find the pattern, which made perfect sense last time I looked at it, now seems to be a load of random nonsense!

Wish me luck as I head back in there.

I have been reading with my ears, as usual, the most wonderful book 'The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy' by Rachel Joyce. A beautiful story, so unexpected and moving I thoroughly recommend it.

I'll leave you with a couple of gratuitous photos of our beautiful view one early morning last week when Misty Cottage was living up to its name.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Back to School - Back to Work.

So the Misty Cottage teenagers have gone back to school today and I can focus on my work again. Despite being slightly worried about how I was going to manage the 6.30am starts that term time requires I found myself leaping from my bed this morning with a sense of excitement and purpose. It is good to be writing a blog post again, it seems like a long time to have been absent.

A little bit of knitting has happened over the holidays though not an awful lot. My cardigan has progressed but for most of the time it felt a little too hot and sticky for working with wool yarn. The back is done and I have nearly finished one front and am half way through the other front.

As usual I am panicking about whether or not I will have enough yarn so I have decided to do the cuffs either in my handspun sari silk yarn or to spin one ply sari silk and one ply of the merino/silk colour blend that I have used for the rest of the cardigan. I have got some of the sari silk spun and ready but I have also got some of it waiting to be plied and it would be the work of a moment to spin up the left over merino/silk. I think I will spin it up, see what they look like and then make the final decision, either way I should be able to stop panicking now ... please!

I am reading an actual, physical book at the moment, which is quite unusual for me as I just love audio books and ebooks. It is my first experience of Jodi Picoult and is called Leaving Time. I have been reading it for ages which is also unusual for me as I tend to dive into a book and not come up for air until it is finished. This book, however, makes me feel slightly uncomfortable every now and then so I have to put it down and come back to it another day. The story is good and I really want to know what happens but I think my empathy levels are a little too high at the moment and I just know that things are not as they seem on the surface and I'm not sure that I will be able to enjoy the outcome of the story. I will definitely read Jodi Picoult again though as she writes beautifully and the book is so interesting, I'm learning loads about elephants!

I'm joining in with Ginny over at the Yarn Along  on her Small Things blog today.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Gratitude Sunday.

This week I have been grateful for:

the safe return of my children from a school trip abroad

the productivity of the Misty Cottage garden that gave me over 3kg of blackcurrants and our first proper gooseberry harvest

my sense of humour which has helped me to deal with the tidal wave of disastrous political decisions being made in this country

old friends who make the effort, turn up and share their incredible stories.

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