Gratitude Sunday.

This week has not been an easy one for all sorts of reasons ranging from the personal to the political so finding Gratitude is even more important than usual.

I am grateful for my morning pages, they are allowing me to find and deal with various creativity blocking aspects of my life.

I am grateful for turkey poults - it is always lovely to have turkeys around and I have been feeling the need to reconnect with Misty Cottage as a small holding.

I am grateful for dear friends, even and especially those who don't always know who I am.

I am grateful to have teenagers, though I miss their toddler selves, some days are so much more manageable with teens rather than toddlers.

I am grateful for the opportunity to study with thoughtful, supportive and insightful friends.

I am grateful to WoolyMossRoots for hosting Gratitude Sunday and hopefully forgiving a post being a day late.