Back to School - Back to Work.

So the Misty Cottage teenagers have gone back to school today and I can focus on my work again. Despite being slightly worried about how I was going to manage the 6.30am starts that term time requires I found myself leaping from my bed this morning with a sense of excitement and purpose. It is good to be writing a blog post again, it seems like a long time to have been absent.

A little bit of knitting has happened over the holidays though not an awful lot. My cardigan has progressed but for most of the time it felt a little too hot and sticky for working with wool yarn. The back is done and I have nearly finished one front and am half way through the other front.

As usual I am panicking about whether or not I will have enough yarn so I have decided to do the cuffs either in my handspun sari silk yarn or to spin one ply sari silk and one ply of the merino/silk colour blend that I have used for the rest of the cardigan. I have got some of the sari silk spun and ready but I have also got some of it waiting to be plied and it would be the work of a moment to spin up the left over merino/silk. I think I will spin it up, see what they look like and then make the final decision, either way I should be able to stop panicking now ... please!

I am reading an actual, physical book at the moment, which is quite unusual for me as I just love audio books and ebooks. It is my first experience of Jodi Picoult and is called Leaving Time. I have been reading it for ages which is also unusual for me as I tend to dive into a book and not come up for air until it is finished. This book, however, makes me feel slightly uncomfortable every now and then so I have to put it down and come back to it another day. The story is good and I really want to know what happens but I think my empathy levels are a little too high at the moment and I just know that things are not as they seem on the surface and I'm not sure that I will be able to enjoy the outcome of the story. I will definitely read Jodi Picoult again though as she writes beautifully and the book is so interesting, I'm learning loads about elephants!

I'm joining in with Ginny over at the Yarn Along  on her Small Things blog today.