Work in Progress

This week I am working on a needle felted seascape. It is inspired by Hull beach which is just to the north of Trebarwith Strand on the north Cornish coast. I have wanted to do some needle felted pictures for ages but you know that little voice inside your head that chips away at your self confidence? Well it has been working overtime on me! Emboldened by realisations that are coming thick and fast from my morning pages, I decided that the only way to not only get started on a picture but also to see it through to the bitter end, was to share the process publicly. So each day I am Tweeting and posting a picture of my progress on Facebook so that I can draw strength and stay brave!

Here is today's picture.

To see how this project progresses check out my daily picture on my Facebook page or find me, @MistyCotCrafts on Twitter.

Words of advice or encouragement are very welcome but please don't feel you have to amplify that voice in my head, she's loud enough already!

I'm joining in with the lovely people at Frontier Dreams today


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