Catching Up.

Having frogged almost an entire cardigan, I have been knitting like mad to catch up with myself. Consequently the back and two fronts are finished and I am about half way up the sleeves. I am knitting both sleeves at the same time so I can be sure that they will match. Luckily, after knitting it almost twice I do still love the yarn and the colours will match pretty much everything I own so it will get plenty of wear.

I am currently reading the January/February issue of Be Creative magazine which used to be called Workbox. In this issue I am particularly enjoying the work of textile artist Rachel Wright who is basically a painter with fabric and stitch, you can follow this link to find her amazing online portfolio

In other news I have been working on a new needle felted picture which I will blog about in more detail soon (well just as soon as the wind stops howling and the rain stops lashing down so I can get out to take a couple of photos). Here is a little preview of progress so far.

I will leave you with a reminder from the Misty Cottage garden that spring will arrive eventually.

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along.


  1. You are so dedicated to keep going with that knitting! I love, love your needle felting - can't wait to see more.

    1. Thank you Jayne, I really enjoyed catching up with your blog earlier today.

  2. Frogging that much is never fun, but I'm sure you'll love the cardigan more when it fits you better. It's a beautiful colour you are knitting it in!


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