Seascape Process.

The seascape that I blogged about last week is now finished. After initially worrying about this project I ended up really enjoying it and feeling excited each day about spending time on it, so I will definitely be creating some more needle felted pictures to celebrate the lovely part of the world I am lucky enough to live in.

Each day that I worked on the picture I tweeted and posted pictures on Facebook to document my progress but I thought it would be a nice idea to put all the pictures together here to show the process.

I started off with a piece of felt that I had wet felted from my neighbour's Blue Face Leicester fleeces. On the first day I made a rough sketch onto paper from a photograph that I had taken of the scene. From there I drew down the design onto the felt with a tailors' chalk pencil. That was enough for day one as I realise that it was the drawing element of this project that had got me so worried in the first place so it took several attempts to get something that I was vaguely happy with.

Day two was a joyful laying on of colour and texture. I learnt something new here - long angora locks are not fun to needle felt!

Day three was spent on cliffs and sky and beginning to bring a bit of depth to the picture by deepening the blue of the sea and lightening the blue of the sky at the horizon.

Day four was a bit more work on the depth and the beginning of the beading. I was really excited about the beading, I really like the idea of bringing more texture to the picture.

Day five I finished the beading, backed it with a piece of calico and gave it a drift wood hanger.

So now I will go through my files of photos labeled 'Ideas', armed with a little bit of confidence and find another picture that sums up something of North Cornwall and see what happens.


  1. This is a lovely picture you have created. I enjoyed seeing the process you used to make it. Beautiful! Pat

  2. Thanks Pat, I am pleased with it and I love to see other people's processes so I'm glad to know that you have enjoyed seeing mine.

  3. Beautiful! So excited to see the finished work and glad it's inspired more. Those long angora locks were worth it, I think!

    1. Thanks Layn, I've just had dinner at the Port William, where we went last September and I think maybe Trebarwith and Gull Island might be the next one.


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