Rising panic.

So I have now got three weeks to go before my first craft fayre for several years and I am trying not to panic. I keep making but wonder if I will ever have enough made to really fill a table. I am finding that in the evenings I need to work on something that is not associated with Misty Cottage Crafts so that I can relax enough to sleep properly.

To this end I have cast on something new which is this 'Mihr, Angel of Friendship' shawl from a book by Gerard Allt called Knitting to Share. I love this book, not only for the lovely patterns but for the concept behind it, the idea of expressing your love or care for another person through knitting. I know we all do this every time we knit something for someone else but to have a book that is specifically setting out to help you do exactly that is beautiful.

Some of you may recognise the yarn from this old blog post I spun it from a yak and silk blend dyed by Mandacrafts and I love it. I had spent ages trying to knit a shawl (which I will come back to when I am a more seasoned lace knitter) which started on the long rows and seemed like a really good idea as progress would speed up rather than slow down as I worked through the shawl. However, being a rookie lace knitter I just couldn't seem to keep on top of the pattern so I gave up. My new pattern starts at the pointy end of the triangle (which I am sure has a technical name but it escapes me at present) so I get a chance to focus for short bursts while I get used to the pattern. Also it means that after a certain critical size, there is no element of white knuckle knitting as I can just choose to end the shawl with about half a dozen rows notice.

My reading this week, for a change, includes an actual book, made of paper and everything! It is called The Handmade Market Place by Kari Chapin. I read this some time ago when I was dreaming of a time when I would be able to have an online shop and actually focus on something other than others and now that time has come I thought it would be a good idea to revisit and implement some of Kari's suggestions. I am, of course, also listening to Diana Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross at every opportunity aswell.

Joining in with those lovely people over at Ginny's Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams' Craft Along.


  1. You will do fine! Beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your table set up!

    1. Thank you Patricia for you kind words and also for reminding me to take photos!


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