And Breathe!

The craft Fair is over and now I feel like a mole who has just popped his head above ground for the first time in ages! The Fair was good on several levels, it was the first one I had done for about 7 years with my own things for sale so sorting out what to take, how to set out the table etc was really constructive. I sold a few things so came home feeling really encouraged and I think that my stuff looked nice when it was all set out, even if I do say so myself! I am now trying to visit as many Fairs as I can in the run up to Christmas so I can see which ones I might fit with for next year.
Practicing the table layout at home.

I was really worried about the whole thing right up until half way through the Fair but I am glad that my lovely friend had faith in me when I didn't and persuaded me to do it. Those of you who are seasoned sellers will probably wonder what all the fuss is about but this is proving to be quite a journey for me as I find my feet in a world in which I am no longer a home educating Mum. Creating a new role for myself that can fit with prior claims on my time has not been easy but I feel like I am getting there.

Here comes a shocking confession - there is nothing new on my needles! I haven't done anything to the shawl for a couple of weeks for obvious reasons but I am about to launch into some Christmas knitting. My son would like a pair of bedsocks for which I had to buy needles today so have not yet cast on and it is too dark to take a picture of the yarn and pattern so I will do that for the Yarn Along next week. My daughter would like a slouchy hat like this one in black with red spirals.

I am aware that I swore never to knit that again but hey, it's for Christmas! I am currently spinning the black alpaca for it so I have nothing to show on that one either yet.

As a treat following the Fair I have allowed myself to start reading a book. It is by Katy Regan and is called The Story of You. I haven't got into it properly yet as I have had to do lots of things that I had neglected over the last couple of weeks but I think maybe this weekend I will have some quality reading time if I am lucky.

Why not share what you have been knitting and reading with the other bloggers over at Ginny's Yarn Along or if you have other craft news join in with the Craft Along at Frontier Dreams.


  1. Thank you for the inspiring post! I have been daydreaming about visiting a fair too with my creations. So far I have only Mother Earth and the Root children for sale so I will have to get busy to be able to fill my booth.....maybe next summer :)
    Sending you warmest greetings from Holland,
    xxx Sas

    1. Thank you Sas for your kind words. Mother Earth and the Root children are looking lovely over on your blog as are your pictures.


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