Since the children went back to school in September I have tried to develop my focus and protect my time so that I can work on bringing Misty Cottage Crafts down from dreamland and into reality. 
This week, however, is half term so the children are at home for a week's holiday. Now don't get me wrong, I love to spend time with them, in fact they were home educated until a year ago and they are good company, witty, loving and full of surprises but I JUST CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE!!! My husband and daughter are unwell and have been all week so between making sure that they are comfortable and have what they need and ferrying my son around to whatever is going on, very little crafting has happened. I did not realise how central the act of making had become to my sense of self and well being. I have felt adrift these last few days and unable to settle to much as the rising tide of panic about the craft fayre I have booked into washes over me periodically. This afternoon I couldn't take it any more so I have ignored all sorts of things and have been needlefelting and I feel so much better already!

This scarf is still on my needles.

I aim to get it off the needles this evening and make the tassels and weave ribbon through it tomorrow if I can get up and clear the morning chores before anyone needs a lift anywhere. I did cast something else on the other day and worked on it for two evenings and then had to frog it as it had gone wrong somewhere along the line. I might try again on that one over the next few days so I may have something different to show next week.

I put the final touches to the Heartstrings I made the other week and have taken some photos which will hopefully be good enough to enable me to list them in the shop later today.

As for books, I finished Diana Gabaldon's Drums of Autumn yesterday and today I began listening to The Fiery Cross which is the next book in her Outlander series - I just don't seem to be able to get enough of this series!

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams' Craft Along.