I love the month of May for so many reasons. It is the most beautiful time of year here in Cornwall,  the hedge banks are packed with wildflowers and the ferns are unfurling.

The ferns remind me of the John Martin track Go Down Easy with the lyrics 'curl around me like a fern in the spring' - sublime!

May is also my birthday month and what better birthday treat could there be for a fibreholic like me than a trip to a Wingham Wool Work fibre day down in Marazion. I had such a good time sample spinning all kinds of fibrey goodness.

I bought a rather beautiful felting tool which I will try out (and photograph) when I get back from next week's visit 'up country' and some Falkland fibre which feels like it could be just the thing for both felting and spinning and is more economical than merino. Lots of experimentation to come.

Birthdays also call for picnics with friends and this time we went to Golitha Falls which is a beautiful place to spend some time.
 The Misty Cottage children donned their wet suits and got in the river with their friends - total madness in my book but there's no accounting for the foolishness of youth!

Yesterday I had a lovely time with a wonderful friend who was teaching me about papermaking. As I am busy making journals I thought it would be good to use a range of papers in them including some handmade paper. Carol has definitely put me on the right track so now I just have to practice to come up with a high quality, beautiful paper worthy of inclusion in the journals.
Carol with her beautiful old book press squeezing water from the paper.

Handmade paper hanging up to dry.
Joining in with Frontier Dreams.


  1. What a lovely post. I love the children in the river. I wish I were so playful!

  2. Thank you Caffeine Girl. It is difficult as an adult to retain that playfulness, I think maybe that is part of the appeal of crafting - creativity is our version of playfulness perhaps.


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