Yarn Along

I'm joining in with Ginny today for the first time, so I hope I manage the links properly.

On my needles at the moment is a slouchy hat, Graham, a free pattern by Jennifer Adams which I have adapted to incorporate two spirals in a contrasting yarn. I am using my handspun yarn, the pink is 80% merino, 20% silk which I spun from a batt from Wingham Wool Work and the blue is navaho plied merino. I have to say that I love the blue and pink together.

The book that I am reading today is Festivals of the Year A Workbook for Re-enlivening the Christian Festive Cycle by Roger Druitt. Roger is a priest of the Anthroposophical Christian Community and writes simply and clearly about the roots of the festivals and how they reflect and are reflected in nature. He also give ideas and suggestions for meditation and prayer. Today being Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, I was reading the Lent section over breakfast this morning.


  1. I love the pink and blue together as well. That looks like a good book. I have the Charles Kovacs one.

    1. I've just had a look over on your beautiful blog and I can see that you like those colours - what a match! I have bookmarked the palette builder as well, I think that will be really useful.
      Charles Kovacs' books are pretty awesome. We used quite a few of them when we were home educating the Misty Cottage twins.

  2. My eye was automatically drawn to the yarn owls in your picture. Very nice. Your handspun looks great too.

  3. Thank you Natalie. The bowls are from The Peredur Trust which is a local charity that I am a trustee of. Some of the people we support are very talented in the pottery and weavery.


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