Green Shoots

'The sun is shining, the weather is sweet now,
Make you want to move your dancing feet' 

Ok, I know that spring has not really sprung yet and that the weather could turn back to freezing cold, windy and wet but today is perfect. The sun is shining, there is no wind and no precipitation of any kind – bliss.

We have been working in the Misty Cottage garden, shallots, garlic and elephant garlic are in the ground. One veg bed is half forked over, bulbs are shooting up all over the place and I marked lots of things in the seed catalogue over breakfast this morning, so it feels like spring.

Just like the bulbs in the garden I can feel new ideas shooting up in my mind – it is driving me a bit nutty I have to admit. I just can't make all the prototypes fast enough! It is so exciting when the creativity begins to flow, I am awash with brilliant ideas for things to make for my prospective shop.

I have set myself the target of opening an Etsy shop at the beginning of April and I would like to have a minimum of 20 items to list initially with more either ready to go or nearly ready so I can update regularly – Oh my goodness, another idea has just popped fully formed into my head!!! Best I get on and make some stuff!