Led Astray.

I have spent a bit of on line time recently with those lovely spinning people at Ravelry. Apart from learning loads from their posts and marvelling at the beautiful things people are making out there – I have been led astray. 

Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I have tried and spectacularly failed to resist the temptation that is Botany Lap Waste! My parcel arrived yesterday which included 1kg of these bits and pieces – what an interesting experience! The lap waste consists of broken tops and little wads of all different colours and kinds of fibres. It is a wonderful opportunity to really feel fibres. Nothing is labelled, so it could be anything which means that one has to really ‘feel’ the fibre and sense differences in texture, softness and lustre and look for the staple length in order to guess what it might be and in many cases what it has been blended with. 

I have a few ideas of what I would like to do with some of the fibre and my daughter is using it to practise with her drop spindle so she can demonstrate spindle spinning at our next craft fayre.  

If you find yourself tempted you can find it here at World of Wool.


  1. As usual Minty, your blog is very entertaining! Lovely picture of your little spinner by the way! I am not surprised that you were excited about your package...who wouldn't be! Quite an interesting collection of colours. It will be great to see you and little spinner in action at your craft fairs!! xx

  2. Hi, I'm new to blogging, I found you by clicking my home education link in interests...I'm from lincolnshire and I have found it hard to find a blog with a home schooling mum from the uk lol so I'm happy! I will look forward to reading your blog...pop over to mine, its a little boring at the moment as I have to get use to it lol! Amy.

  3. I love the lap waste bags, it is my monthly treat to myself!

  4. Wow, what a fun mix of fibers! And your daughter looks like she is doing an excellent job at spinning already.


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