Stash Shame.

People look East, the time is near,
Of the crowning of the year,
Make your house fair as you are able,
Trim the hearth and deck the table,
People look East and sing today,
Love the guest is on the way.

Advent is a big deal here at Misty Cottage, there is much to be done to make this house ‘fair as we are able’! This process begun on the first Sunday afternoon of Advent when my son went to collect greenery for the Advent Nature table – but where should we put the table?

The dreadful realisation that part of my stash was going to have to be moved in order to have an undisturbed space for the Advent table dawned. Oh my, what a journey of discovery ensued! I found a Black Welsh Mountain fleece that I had forgotten about, a white alpaca fleece and parts of three different fawn alpaca fleeces and some yarn I had dyed with lichen a few years ago. I have got a lot to do if I am not going to just put it all back there after 12th night.

I have washed the Black Welsh Mountain fleece and it is now hanging on my drying rack next to my worktop so I feel like I have made a start but I think the theme of this Christmas will be CARDING!

I will also have to rediscover my beautiful, clear worktop space if I am going to do anything with all this stash - they say that nature abhors a vacuum and nowhere is this more evident than in Misty Cottage!


  1. Well done Minty it is all coming together slowly but surely! I still have my black fleece in the garage and your article will shame me into washing it at last and getting it ready for carding and hopefully getting you to show me how to spin in the dark depths of winter!?! xx

  2. Look forward to it Shan - it is what winter is for!

  3. That black welsh mountain fleece is actually very cool, although a bit sinister ... Looks like some malevolent giant spiders web on the rack there ...have you considered Halloween spinning?

  4. Congratulations on your rediscoveries! (Christmas carding has a different meaning in my house - and took up most of Sunday!)

  5. Hi Layn and Spence! Spence, I had to evict an unbelievable number of spiders to claim my worktop space in there - hoping that if they come back and see that fleece they might think the new resident spider is too scary to mess with and so go elsewhere.
    Layn, we have not yet made our Christmas cards - still waiting for inspiration!


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