The Fairy Woods

The children are studying local geography at the moment, so we have decided to take a closer look at things within a 7 mile radius of home (any wider than this and half of the area would be out at sea). Today I drew them a map which they had to follow to find some treasure. The walk took them down the lane and between the fields and ended a mile or two away at what we have always called the Fairy Woods.

This is a stand of blackthorn trees that are draped with the most amazing lichen ...

... and today's treasure was the sloes.

Despite my husband's protests and lengthy extolling of the virtues of sloe gin, I want to use them to dye 1.5kg of white alpaca that I have spun ready to actually knit something for myself - not something I have done before.

I am quite nervous about the dye process as the yarn took a long time to spin. I will blog the results in a week or two when it is all done and dusted so - watch this space!


  1. before you do it....... i'd better send you a sample of my sloe dye... NOT SO GREAT!!! Actually it is a lovely colour but very muted but possibly not what you are looking for i'll post a piccy

  2. Please do, Obsessioknit. I've been researching and from what I have read anything could happen, from green to purple with dusty pink on the way! I'm hoping for some kind of pinky/purpley colour, muted would be fine but I'd rather not yellow or green for this one. I look forward to the picture.

  3. Ooh your handspun looks lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog - nice to meet you! :)

  4. Your handspun looks lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - it's lovely to meet you! :)

  5. Thank you Butterfly Bush, I'm keeping an eye on your new Etsy shop - if you have any tips I'd love to read about them.


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