Autumnal Colour

Autumn has come,
Nights growing cold,
Blackberries in the hedgerow
And leaves red and gold.

I didn't used to be a fan of autumn, I was more of a warm summery sort of person but things and people change. I'm not sure whether this reflects a shift in myself or whether it is the inevitable result of realising that summers are not made up of weeks and weeks of uninterrupted sunshine and carefree days like they used to be. Now, even in the middle of summer I find myself looking forward to beautiful autumnal days, the slight nip in the air, the earthy dampness in the woods and of course the wonderful colours in the trees.

So, in addition to knitting an autumnal pair of socks for a secret person (a birthday type deadline is very good for focusing not only the mind but also the knitting needles), I have been creating an autumnal yarn. 

It is 100% merino, a special autumn leaf blend of colours with bright red berries. 

The yarn has an interesting texture which has evened slightly in the plying process and is lovely and soft and cosy.


  1. Very pretty yarn--autumn is my favourite season and a great source of inspiration.


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