Thursday, 21 May 2015


I love the month of May for so many reasons. It is the most beautiful time of year here in Cornwall,  the hedge banks are packed with wildflowers and the ferns are unfurling.

The ferns remind me of the John Martin track Go Down Easy with the lyrics 'curl around me like a fern in the spring' - sublime!

May is also my birthday month and what better birthday treat could there be for a fibreholic like me than a trip to a Wingham Wool Work fibre day down in Marazion. I had such a good time sample spinning all kinds of fibrey goodness.

I bought a rather beautiful felting tool which I will try out (and photograph) when I get back from next week's visit 'up country' and some Falkland fibre which feels like it could be just the thing for both felting and spinning and is more economical than merino. Lots of experimentation to come.

Birthdays also call for picnics with friends and this time we went to Golitha Falls which is a beautiful place to spend some time.
 The Misty Cottage children donned their wet suits and got in the river with their friends - total madness in my book but there's no accounting for the foolishness of youth!

Yesterday I had a lovely time with a wonderful friend who was teaching me about papermaking. As I am busy making journals I thought it would be good to use a range of papers in them including some handmade paper. Carol has definitely put me on the right track so now I just have to practice to come up with a high quality, beautiful paper worthy of inclusion in the journals.
Carol with her beautiful old book press squeezing water from the paper.

Handmade paper hanging up to dry.
Joining in with Frontier Dreams.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Yarn Along - Craft-tastic!

So who remembers the incredible craft phenomenon that was 'Golden Hands'?

 Several years ago I acquired a complete set of the 1970s craft part-work extravaganza  'Golden Hands' from a garage sale locally (courtesy of my lovely Mum, I seem to remember). When I got them I really enjoyed going through them and looking at all the projects, almost every craft you can imagine is covered from that seventies staple, macrame, through ceramics and knitting all the way to making villages out of matchboxes! Last weekend I decided it was time to donate the whole set to a nearby church hall booksale so I pulled them out to dust them off and made what I, an erstwhile bookdealer, consider to be a rookie mistake - I began to browse through them. I can't believe what I found!

Last Christmas I was at a craft fair at the wonderful Cowslip Workshops helping to man the stall for Peredur Trust the local charity that I am involved with. The stall next to ours was busy all day and when I finally got to have a really good look at what they were selling I saw beautiful rings and bangles made from old cutlery, even vintage sugar tongs! I thought that was a really great modern take on upcycling and how brilliant it was that our environmental concerns were leading people along a whole new path creatively.

Well here it is in all its glorious seventies styling right there in 'Golden Hands'!


Suffice it to say that all seven volumes are now back in their rightful place and I will be going through them with a fine tooth comb to check for some bang up to date ideas and inspiration!

This week I have cast on another little cowl this time with the blue merino that I spun as a slub yarn and plied with blue metallic thread with tiny pink beads.

 I love blue and pink together and I feel another yarn coming on along those lines. As I am joining in with Ginny I will also say that I have finished listening to Mansfield Park. It was a good listen though I have to admit to harbouring uncharitable and on occasion, violent, thoughts about Fanny Price. She is very irritating at times and she and Mrs Norris need  a good shake. There, literary criticism courtesy of Misty Cottage Crafts! I started listening to Jojo Moyes' Night Music yesterday whilst cooking the dinner but as it wasn't a very complicated meal (turkey risotto, if you are interested) it is too early to say what it is going to be like. I have read several of her books before and have thoroughly enjoyed them, so I am optimistic.

I am on a bit of a spinning mission this week as well. I bought 1KG of haunui fibre from Wingham Wool Works some time ago and as they are coming to Cornwall next weekend I felt I should try to spin what I already have before going to hanker after more fibre.

I am planning to find something colourful to ply it with so I can make something lovely eventually.

I have also been doing some more needle felting. I am using part of the red felt that I mentioned in and pictured in my last post.

I have not worked with red much before, being more of a blues, pinks and purple person but I do like the red and green together so far.

Finally, it was our local horse and dog show on Bank Holiday Monday and the Misty Cottage daughter showed the Misty Cottage dog and came out with a Highly Commended rosette for 'Dog with the Most Appealing Eyes'! I think we could have got a first if there had been a class for 'Dog with the Worst Manners' but that is a story for another day.

I'm joining in with Frontier Dreams today for the first time - hope I have got the linky thingy properly sorted.