Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Stop-gap Knitting.

So this week I have been spinning some more of the alpaca/merino yarn that I need to complete my gilet. I have done one skein which at the time seemed to be plenty but even now, before it has finished drying after setting the twist, I am already worrying won't be enough. I guess I have still not learnt that particular lesson.

In the meantime, as I don't like to have nothing on the needles, I have done a little bit to a sock which is the second of a pair that I am knitting to use up some leftovers (yes it does happen that way round sometimes!)

Also I have been making a little shoulder bag. I have crocheted using recycled sari material to make the sides and then using a different recycled sari material I have used weaving sticks to weave an integral gusset/shoulder strap. I just need to put it together now, line it and embellish in some small way.

All these craft activities have been accomplished whilst listening to the audio book of The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. I thoroughly recommend it to those who have not yet stumbled across it. The story is so unlikely but so simply stated as to be easy to embrace. It is written with a very dry humour which suits me down to the ground.

Outside we were lucky enough to have good weather on Saturday evening so we cooked our tea over the fire and sat out laughing, singing and hopefully making good memories for the children.

I spotted someone hiding in the sage the other day. She likes it in there and can be found peeping out at some point most days. I have even had to retrieve a couple of eggs from there this week.

As usual I am joining in with Ginny for her Yarn Along and with Frontier Dreams for the craft along.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

White Knuckle Knitting.

Have I mentioned before my rather bad habit of white knuckle knitting? That is the term I use to describe knitting something when you are not entirely sure that you have enough yarn. Well, this time I have come a cropper and the yarn really has run out before I've finished knitting.  I think I would only need a very small skein to get it finished.

 I can't tell you how irritating it is - especially when I am sure that I have got another skein of this yarn somewhere. I have, however, looked everywhere and I can't find it so it is back to the carders to prep some more of the black alpaca and to the wheel to spin more of the teal/turquoise mix of merino. I am trying hard not to mind but the problem is that this lovely silk brick is calling to me and begging to be spun and I am going to have to disappoint it again.

Elsewhere in Misty Cottage the silvenberries are beginning to ripen. This will be our first proper crop of them so I am really looking forward to having them on my breakfast of soaked oats and yoghurt.

I have done an initial blackcurrant picking session to encourage the rest of the fruit to ripen. I don't think we'll have many this year as I pruned the bushes during the winter but I am hopeful for next year as we have planted four new bushes this year.

Do you notice any improvement in the pictures this week? I am learning to use my new camera, it is a steep learning curve as I have no experience in photography past the point and click. So this week's reading has been the online instruction manual, I can't say that I've made a great deal of progress yet but I have a project in mind to help me get to grips with my camera and to share a bit more of what drives Misty Cottage Crafts. I can't really say more than that at present but I will unveil my big idea in a few weeks if all goes according to plan.

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams' Craft Along.