Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nice Weather – For Ducks!

I have been waiting for the rain to stop here at Misty Cottage for some weeks now so that I could take some outside photos for this blog. Finally the rain stopped long enough for me to nip out and take a couple of quick pictures.

A couple of posts ago I showed off some Blue Faced Leicester that I had dyed and asked whether I should spin it or sell it as it was. I did fully intend to sell it as it was but I am weak and couldn’t seem to stop myself so here is some of it looking a bit lovely.

Also I have some fawn coloured alpaca yarn that I spun from a fleece that I bought at the Royal Cornwall Show a few years ago. It was one of my first hand spun yarns, painstakingly teased and hand carded but I had not given it enough twist when plying so I have now gone over it again to add more twist and it seems to be a much more useable yarn. 

I will probably knit a couple of small things with it, though I am tempted to try my hand at a cowl. I’ll let you know but I will have to wait until I have knitted all the socks I have planned - they have become a bit addictive!

P.S. We have just received 2 ducks and a drake here at Misty Cottage and they are not too keen on coming out to play in all this rain either.